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Direct Raman Imaging Microspectroscopic System

Raman imaging of living cells

  • visualizes molecular distributions in living cells.
  • enables pursuit of molecular dynamics in vivo.
So far...
Scanning confocal Raman microscope
 → long measurement time, a few to a few tens of minutes.
 → unable to image the whole cell simultaneously
Present study...
Direct Raman imaging microscope
 → shorter measurement time, a few tens of seconds
 → enable to image the whole cell simultaneously
Fig. 1

Fig. 1. Principle of direct Raman imaging method

Laser beam is expanded at the sample point. Raman scattered light is separated by a band-pass filter and imaged on a CCD detector directly.

Fig. 2. Separation of Raman scattered light by a band-pass filter

Experimental Setup

Fig. 3

Fig. 3. Setup

Fig. 4

Fig. 4. Experimental Setup

Images of a fission yeast cell

Exposure time: 30 sec

Fig. 5

FIg. 5. Optical image, and 649nm excitation (∼2900cm-1). Raman image with C-H stretch modes visualizes clearly not only the shape of the cell but also mitochondria which are rich in C-H bonds.

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