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Publication List- Reviews

  1. Raman applications in cancer studies,
    Young-Kun Min and Satoru Naito and Hiroya Yamazaki and Ehiichi Kohda and Hiro-o Hamaguchi,
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    H. Hamaguchi,
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  3. Local structure formation in alkyl-imidazolium-based ionic liquids as revealed by linear and nonlinear Raman spectroscopy.
    Koichi Iwata, Hajime Okajima, Satyen Saha and Hiro-o Hamaguchi,  
    Accounts of Chem. Research, 40, 1174-1181 (2007).
  4. Structure of Ionic Liquids and Ionic Liquid Compounds: Are Ionic Liquids Genuine Liquids in the Conventional Sense?
    Hiro-o Hamaguchi and Ryosuke Ozawa,
    Adv. Chem. Phys., 131 85-104, (2005).
  5. Raman and X-ray studies on the structure of [bmim]X (X=Cl, Br, I, [BF4], [PF6]): Rotational isomerism of the [bmim](+) cation.
    Hiro-o Hamaguchi, Satyen Saha, Ryosuke Ozawa and Satoshi Hayashi,
    Ionic Liquids IIIA: Fundamentals, Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities, Properties and Structure ACS Sympo. Series, 901 68-78, (2005).
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    H. Hamaguchi
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  8. Structure and Dynamics of Electronically Excited Diphenylacetylene in Different Environments.
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